Vacation (All I Ever Wanted)

It’s after 9 here in Lacombe.  V and I went to see The Avengers for the umpteenth time.  (My second and her fourth.)  Red Deer is a pretty city nestled in the valley.  In fact what’s considered ‘flat’ here looks downright curvy to me.

Yesterday I made my way to Ikea.  Winnipeg can hardly wait for its store to open in the fall.  I thought to beat the hoards and get a few things easily stored in checked baggage.  We also hit the little restaurant to fuel up before heading out on the store circuit.  I found a cute little ‘flipper’ for pancakes and the like.  Ikea prides itself on well-made items from Sweden.  Whenever I think of well constructed items from Sweden, I think of this guy:

Well made Swedish design.

The days usually consist of coffee at Tim’s with plans made, and unmade, on a day to day basis.  I call that a little bit of heaven.  Now if you excuse me, a big set of eyes attached to an orange feline wants a little cuddle.


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