Post-Long Weekend Surprise

Aside from posting a 'Happy Easter' message, sorry for the mistyped subject line, I took some time off from blogging.  (Sadly not from Angry Birds.)  I feel up to my eye balls with half completed entries in draft mode, plus whatever scribbles in my blue notebook.  I basically write with the hope people will discover me, be … Continue reading Post-Long Weekend Surprise

Midweek Geekiness

Off-Camera Style I remember an interview with Richard Armitage who once said the first time he put on John Porters' clothing and weapon, it didn't feel real like it's a costume a kid puts on.  Once an actor gets into the role, the clothes feel like a second skin.  (Except for the women of Mad … Continue reading Midweek Geekiness

Yet Another Hunger Games Movie Review (If You Can Stand One More)

Every where I turn in the blogsphere, another Hunger Games Review pops up.  I decided to join the mêlée after doing a book talk on all three novels.   When books come to the movie screens, people feel concerned about a number of things: Will the movie remain faithful to its source material aka the novel Do the … Continue reading Yet Another Hunger Games Movie Review (If You Can Stand One More)

Pull Back and Regroup

They say spring turns every young person's fancy towards love, but it also turns a person's fancy towards cleaning.  By 'cleaning' it's not just the dust, but the irresistible urge to go into various internet accounts and tweak them.  I checked my Goodreads account and want to add some 'shelves' and add more titles.  I … Continue reading Pull Back and Regroup

Welcome to Friendly Manitoba…Until You Play Our Hockey Team

Sometimes I still can't believe the Winnipeg Jets are back.  When the website came to people's attention, I admit to nay saying like everyone else.  The team left and all I could do was move on, with the memories of attended games sometimes told as stories over some gathering. When the Jets were in … Continue reading Welcome to Friendly Manitoba…Until You Play Our Hockey Team

Midweek Geekiness

I liked doing the last Midweek Geekiness so much I decided to do it again. Game of Thrones Season 2 Game of Thrones season 2 showed another trailer.  The Spider does a silky monologue on power while the song 'Seven Devils' by Florence and the Machine plays in the background. Saying I feel excited for the … Continue reading Midweek Geekiness

Not As Achy as I Thought

Yesterday I participated in the Great Grain Relay with some other Red River staff members.  I agreed with a friend of mine to write something for her wellness newsletter and I will have to spare the details.  As soon as the newsletter comes out, I will link to the details.  I can say for a … Continue reading Not As Achy as I Thought

Keep Plugging Away

In Word 2007 and 2010, there is an option to publish a post as a blog entry.  I wrote a book talk on Suzanne Collins' last two novels in 'The Hunger Games' long ago.  How long?  Try January 30th.  I polished it up and still will have a look tomorrow, but my big problem was … Continue reading Keep Plugging Away

Fat is the New Four Letter Word

Let's start with the facts.  I am 5'6 and weight 234.   According to the Body Mass Index, my 37.8 rating is considered 'obese'.  When I come across articles about the obesity crisis, doctors broaching the subject with patients, and now the word 'obesity' itself as a dirty word things tend to tilt towards the personal.  … Continue reading Fat is the New Four Letter Word

My 365 Project: Just Blog It

WordPress challenges people to blog about something for the entire year.  My goal is to blog about something everyday.  At least I have two days already locked away:  Wednesdays and Fridays.  The former will be a book talk feature, while the latter will be Blog Spotlights. Where does that leave the rest? I do have … Continue reading My 365 Project: Just Blog It