Not As Achy as I Thought

Yesterday I participated in the Great Grain Relay with some other Red River staff members.  I agreed with a friend of mine to write something for her wellness newsletter and I will have to spare the details.  As soon as the newsletter comes out, I will link to the details.  I can say for a person who ran each of her turns on the track, my body has not yelled at me through many aches and pains.  Even the troublesome right ankle has not given me any more grief.

Speaking of the ankle, I will have  a bone scan on it next week.  For years my ankle in the anterior tibia region hurts in the morning on occasion, then will slightly swell although despite make every effort to not sit, or stand, in place for long period of time.  A clinic thought it was an overuse injury.  I have iced it, took Motrin if needed, wore compression stockings, did athletic therapy, stopping short of going to Lourdes.  The move to do X-Rays came from a blister at the back of the same foot bursting and looking rather ugly.  It impacted on the way I walked for a couple of weeks, giving my doctors all sorts of reason to feel concerned.  Luckily the blister healed in a timely fashion meaning I don’t have diabetes. (Whew!)  My doctor also wanted to rule out lymphoma for the ankle (Seriously!?! I thought.)  I reminded myself at least the problem will get a good and proper look thanks to a conscientious physician.  Plus my name is not Sidney Crosby and I can return to what I am doing right away.

When it comes down to it I am getting older.  I will turn 42 this year and realize things don’t bounce back quickly as they once did.  I have one body and it’s high time I took proper care of it.  I think twice about what I eat and drink.  Weight wise I just want to feel healthy, feel good in my own skin not tired and heavy.  Besides, fashion has finally woken up to women as beautiful in any size.  Right now I visit a site called Kiyonna specializing in plus size wear and visit ‘the dress’.  I just want to look healthy enough to fit that dress.  Period.

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