Keep Plugging Away

In Word 2007 and 2010, there is an option to publish a post as a blog entry.  I wrote a book talk on Suzanne Collins’ last two novels in ‘The Hunger Games’ long ago.  How long?  Try January 30th.  I polished it up and still will have a look tomorrow, but my big problem was not a severe bout of perfectionism.  I had to patiently figure out how to upload my word document as a blog draft.

To most tech savvy people it’s not problem.  Some people feel so scared nothing seems possible.  In my case I didn’t get it the first time around.  Stubbornness kept me plugging away at the problem.  I went to YouTube to find a video demonstration.  Nothing I can use.  I finally went back to Microsoft help and had another look at the instructions.  I forgot to write a blog entry title and believed the title given in my document served the same purpose.

Have a look below.  The title in blue was what I needed to insert into my upload process while the title in the middle is what we all typically do in a Word document.

Screen Shot of Book Talk entry from Word in upload process

Trust me the little voice in my head wanted to give up.  I printed out my document and nearly sat down to type the entry and upload my cover shots.  I listened to the quiet, persistent voice saying try again.  The screen shot I took nearly drove me around the bend, but the voice said again try again.   This time it also said good for now.  I now learn to trust that voice.  I also learned the fine art of stepping back and giving myself time.

When I came back and reviewed all the information about uploading from Word to Word Press, I didn’t feel hurried or frustrated.  (That happened earlier this month.)  I took a breath, did the process again, got the same error message again, until I finally got it.

The result is tomorrow night’s book talk.

Software may make things efficient, visually appealing, and do tasks with ease.  It does not teach a person persistence.  No amount of software updates can ever replace the will to express oneself.


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