Post-Long Weekend Surprise

Aside from posting a ‘Happy Easter’ message, sorry for the mistyped subject line, I took some time off from blogging.  (Sadly not from Angry Birds.)  I feel up to my eye balls with half completed entries in draft mode, plus whatever scribbles in my blue notebook.  I basically write with the hope people will discover me, be patient with me as I develop, then launch my book of essays at McNally Robison in the future.  Two out of three isn’t bad.

While the book launch is a long, long way off, Shadz from Toned Down & Vintage took the opportunity to name me for this honour below:

Courtesy of Toned Down and Vintage's Blog.
She had the best graphic.

In her entry, she named me as one of five ‘inklings’ to give this award, a term I accept with pride.  The Liebster Blog Award goes to a blog with less than 200 followers (yup, that’s me), to encourage the writer to keep going, then pass the goodness on.  Speaking of goodness, please check out Toned Down & Vintage’s blog for your daily dose of poetic musings from this ‘four-demensional human being.’  (Love that term!)  Thank you Shadz.

Now comes the hard part that will take a wee bit of time.  I need to forward this to five blogs with less than 200 followers.  I have some good ones to choose from and some with a little over 200 followers.  Keep your eyes peeled for the honourees next week.

Now where can I put this award in my lay out?

One thought on “Post-Long Weekend Surprise

  1. Congrats again! You deserve this. A little thing, I just guessed your number of followers. I like your writing style, so clear and creative. The book launch may not be that far, so I call dibs on the first signed copy. 🙂

    Appreciate the kind words and the link love.

    Have a good one!


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