Midweek Geekiness

Off-Camera Style

I remember an interview with Richard Armitage who once said the first time he put on John Porters’ clothing and weapon, it didn’t feel real like it’s a costume a kid puts on.  Once an actor gets into the role, the clothes feel like a second skin.  (Except for the women of Mad Men with those corsets and garters.)

Here are two slide shows featuring actors from Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey showing off their day-off style.

  1. Game of Thrones  (Two Words:  Kit. Harrington.)
  2. Downton Abbey    (Mrs Patmore will surprise you.)

 Vampers on the Move

Unlike Mrs. Fortenberry, I write the word ‘vampers’ out of love.  I have a sneaking suspicion my television viewing habits will divide into two season:

  1. Zombies (From October, with a little break over Christmas, until it resumes in February and finishes in March.)
  2. Vampires (Hot, sultry June evenings until just after Labour Day.)

Why divide the telly seasons?  The True Blood PR machine is on the move.  When we last left our Bon Temps residents, Sookie shot Debbie Pelt after she shot her best friend Tara by mistake.  (Sookie was the original target.)  It’s spring and that means a new novel from Charlaine Harris and a new season.  Sadly, yet true to form, Alan Ball will step down as showrunner after 5 seasons.  He ended Six Feet Under after 5 seasons feeling he told a complete story.  I thought maybe he would make an exception, but I can’t blame the guy for having a 5-year rule.  Ball’s background was writing sitcoms, including one in the 90’s with two difficult leading ladies.  (Neither one of them named Roseanne.) He’s also a Buddhist and knows the only thing constant in life is change.

Charlaine Harris releases her latest Sookie Stackhouse novel Deadlocked next month.  To give readers a little taste, she posted the second chapter of the novel on her website.  The novel is Harris’ 12th in the series with the next one as her last.  (Television shows have a series finale.  What does one call novel series if the next book is the last book?)

Sunday is Coming

When did Sunday nights get so crowded?  Two weeks ago Mad Men premiered, last week Game of Thrones came back, and soon True Blood with sink its teeth into the night.  It’s enough to make anyone confused.

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