My 365 Project: Just Blog It

WordPress challenges people to blog about something for the entire year.  My goal is to blog about something everyday.  At least I have two days already locked away:  Wednesdays and Fridays.  The former will be a book talk feature, while the latter will be Blog Spotlights.

Where does that leave the rest?

I do have some things on the go at the moment.  I attended my first Running Room clinic in nearly three years.  I went back to basics with a ‘For Women Only’ clinic.  I have plenty to write regarding the clinic about getting back into running after not doing it for a few years.  It’s a small group thank heavens and the other women:


  1. All know one another
  2. All had babies recently
  3. Belonged to the same sorority


This has nothing to do with the women themselves and they seemed quite lovely.  My cinematic mind just connected with the scene with a whole bunch of movies, with me as a cross between Hugh Grant and Renee Zellweger.  (By ‘Renee Zellweger, I mean circa Bridget Jones.)  It doesn’t matter since this is all about getting back to the sense of joy I felt running.  I really like it and not in the bubbly ‘running is fun’ sort of way.  I discovered my toughness through the activity and now I want to deepen it.

Tonight is also Downtown Abbey’s premiere.  Hello season 2!  Who will get together?  Who will die in the war to end all wars?  What are those Crawley girls wearing this time.  We will tune in and see for ourselves.

As for me can I blog something for the entire year.  Not going to be easy and notice nothing happened before today.  I have to try.  For years I didn’t try and found myself sinking further and further into a rut.  Not more rutting, it’s time to misbehave.


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