(E)Book Talk: Hunting season: a field guide to hunting and capturing the perfect man

When I bought my Kobo, I took a break from Jane Austen to read this book by the author known as ‘Elle’.  (A dating book written under a pen name is not a good sign.)  I downloaded the book from the public library and demonstrated a prime advantage to ebook titles; Nobody on the bus has to know if one is reading something trashy, smutty, or deliciously forbidden .

In Hunting Season, Elle applies to pursuit of prey to the pursuit of men.  (Notice a guy did not write this regarding women.)  She advises setting up a ‘deer stand’ (hunting ground), not ‘hunting’ between September 1 and April 30 to allow the herd to refresh itself, and differenciates between different kinds of men (Stags, bucks, and trophy).  Elle mines her experience in the dating field to apply many of the principes outlined in the book.  Not surprisingly she also advised not to show this book to any guy.

Well d’uh!!

I read the book for the sheer comedy of its chapters not to get serious dating advice.  My first thought in seeing the book was I guess that makes me the Elmer Fudd of single women.  The book is well written in its conversational tone.  It felt like Elle and I sitting around over coffee while she outlines her technique.  A few times I swear the Hinterland Who’s Who theme played in the background with some parts of the book.  I do like the idea of using September 1 to April 30 as a kind of recharge time even for the ‘hunter’.  I met women always on the look out, always going on date after date, without taking a break of any kind.  If one doesn’t like their own company then how is a guy supposed to like it?  I always thought patio season in Winnipeg  felt like I entered a hunting ground at my own risk.  Unlike actual hunting, nobody has vest on to prevent ‘accidental shootings’. 

Would I recomment this book to my friends?  Absolutely, for the sheer purpose of getting women together over a glass of wine and making up as many dating, women, and Elmer Fudd jokes as possible.   

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