Pull Back and Regroup

They say spring turns every young person’s fancy towards love, but it also turns a person’s fancy towards cleaning.  By ‘cleaning’ it’s not just the dust, but the irresistible urge to go into various internet accounts and tweak them.  I checked my Goodreads account and want to add some ‘shelves’ and add more titles.  I look around my blog and like the theme.  Now I want to spruce it up with some pages and rethink some ideas.

Some things that will happen right away:

  1. Book Talk will go monthly
  2. Blog Spotlight will also go monthly

Midweek Geekiness will remain a weekly feature for the tidbits gathered around the web or other sources.  I even revised my calendar to reflect the changes.  I want time to gather content and write it well.  I have a great time with writing this blog and taking a step back prevents it from turning into a chore.


What Do You Think?

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