Midweek Geekiness

I liked doing the last Midweek Geekiness so much I decided to do it again.

Game of Thrones Season 2

Game of Thrones season 2 showed another trailer.  The Spider does a silky monologue on power while the song ‘Seven Devils’ by Florence and the Machine plays in the background.

Saying I feel excited for the season première is akin to saying I like chocolate. Game of Thrones and True Blood were two primary reasons to buy the Movie Central package. (With HBO it also helps having some fantastic documentaries and watch movies on demand without paying the new title fee for the service.)  How the heck will they top season 1?  Well, I read the book two, trust me, you might want to hold on to something while watching the program.


Hobbit Production Video #6

Sir Peter works fast.  He said on his Facebook page he would put up a new video ‘soon’.  Well, soon could mean now or next week.  Good news:  He meant soon as in the very next day.  I had some internal debate about writing about it.  Once again the gangly bloke aka Richard Armitage was seen but not heard.  In real life, and he’s said so in many interviews, he’s a shy guy.  After all my talk about introverts uniting, it wouldn’t be fair to rant about him not saying anything in the video.

The true star of this entry is New Zealand.  Viewers get to criss cross the country as the production moves from the studio to the scenery for location shooting.  The production moves back into the studio for the final block of filming.

I suggest talking to your travel agent to book your trip now.


Downton Abbey Rap

I did not make this above item up.  Adam WarRock wrote a rap based on the story lines of Downton Abbey from the point of view of the Earl of Grantham.  That means Robert Crawley is an O.G.  (Original Gentry.)  Word.  I have to admit bopping my head to the beat and this guy does have ‘flow’.  What boggles the mind is the melding of a modern music form and period drama.  I watched Masterpiece Theatre productions for years.  Many years ago on Sesame Street, they had a parody called Monsterpiece Theatre starring the Cookie Monster as ‘Alistair Cookie’.  (People of a certain age know the real name of the host during Masterpiece’s early years.)  It’s not surprising per say, but this rap took pop culture and period costume to new heights.

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