Book Talk: What’s Next

People go through a period of mad reading, followed by a bit of a lull, then do more mad reading.  Alright, I go through those periods although I pick up a newspaper, read a blog, read an online essay, among many things.  Right now I experience the what-am-I-going-to-read paralyses until I pick up a book and give it a chance.

I mentioned Susan’s Cain book Quiet: The Power of Introverts as on my ‘to read’ list.  Here are some others below:

A Companion to Wolves (Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear)

A  number of people read either Monette or Bear, and this particular book came highly recommended by a friend of mine.  It’s a fantasy with good world building and has some naughty stuff.  Sometimes I get in the mood for ‘smut’.   Good world building and smut are good combos for a night in at home.

Heat Wave (Richard Castle)

I had a hard time putting the author down for this one.  I wanted to say Andrew Marlowe writing as Richard Castle.  (If indeed the creator of Castle wrote the novels.)  If a person really wants to have fun, but in the sarcastic sense of the word, try cataloguing this titles.  A friend of mine working in an Alberta public library ran into this problem.  We both knew Nathan Fillion plays Richard Castle, but did not write this book.  (It was all part of the 700 line for  an added entry.)  All complaining aside, I received two books in the series as a gift and I intend to read them

Right now I tango with waiting until I purchase the Susan Cain title, or picking up one of the above titles.  (I have not even mentioned the four books on creative non-fiction I took out from the Winnipeg Public Library to help me with my blog entries.)  It looks like Mondays are book talk days after bouncing from day to day.  It doesn’t matter if one reads fluff, a newspaper, the 2012 Giller Winner, or anything else.  Just read.

I started off with those Little Golden Books sold in Safeway a long time ago, along with trips to the library courtesy of my older brother.  I misread words, picked up a book after putting it down the first time only to read it straight to the end.  Even books themselves have their own story regarding their reader.  Hopefully something I write will lead you to pick it up and give it a chance.  If you have any suggestions, leave the title in the comment below.  By hook, or by crook, or even by library book I will get around to reading it.

2 thoughts on “Book Talk: What’s Next

  1. Aaaah the Nikki Heat novels…cataloguing fun I tell you.

    “A Companion to Wolves” is also a good choice. Not my favourite title from either author, but still really good. And …yeah…naughtiness is one way to describe that scene. There is a sequel coming out this year.

    The what to read next question is something only avid readers understand (I think). My choices lately have been dictated by library due dates.


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