A Soundtrack for Feet

I had a lousy run on last Saturday.  I can figure out the factors, but it doesn’t change the run.  I went out for a long walk, with my Nordic poles, the next day to simply keep moving in some way.  Every trek and swing had a soundtrack with beats pumping me up, or lyrics to pick me up.

What’s on your play list? You ask.  Pretty much anything within reason.


The 11th Doctor’s Theme (Doctor Who)

(Murray Gold,Composer)

One Moment in Time (Whitney Huston)

The song was written for the 1988 Seoul Olympics. The video includes some memorable moments like Greg Louganis’ gold medal dive and some moments we would like to forget. (If you are a Canadian you know who I am talking about.)

Flashdance (What a Feeling) (Irene Cara)

The song still sounds as good now as it did as a teenager. Why remake something that’s not broken?

The Cave (Mumford and Sons)

I didn’t know anything about this band beyond one song (Winter Winds) from the Shaw music channel out of all places. The whole album rocks, but this is a favourite of mine.
And perhaps the power song in any mix I make:

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