Blog Birth: Growing Pains

The blog gestated for months before I finally set it up.  I wrote two entries, then nothing happened for a long period of time.  Nobody noticed since I said nothing.  It’s the usual worries about what to write about, should I do a blog on something specific, until I settled on Stack and Ranges with a subtitle capturing everything I wanted to write about in the blog.

Now people know it’s out there and a few people even read it.  One person even put it on their Google reader.  It made me proud and nervous.  It means writing and that also means finding the time to write.  It’s part of the reason I set aside days for a weekly ‘Blog Spotlight’ and ‘Book Talk’.  I figure those two features will prevent me from getting stuck on a topic.  The information literacy entry allowed me to take a concept like ‘information literacy’ and apply it in a fun way.  I never intended it to answer the age-old question about evaluating information, just a demonstration of the concept.  Plus it’s geeking out and one can never have too many ‘geeking out’ sorts of blog entries.

I took a creative writing class to fulfill a promise to myself during my library technician training.  I wanted to take one course for myself and that one course was a creative writing course.  I discovered the will to keep writing after the course finished.  The blog is a way to keep the will alive as I do other projects.  I don’t knit and I need something to keep me sane.

Here’s to 2011 as the year of this new blog and may I grow it in 2012.  Now if blogger could do something about the referrer spam reeking havoc on my stats, things can go a little more smoothly.

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