Following Your Bliss Means Getting Up and Going After It

This is an unofficial blog spotlight, but this post was worth sharing.  If you have not checked out Geek with Curves, do yourself a favour and go read it.  I discovered the blog nearly a year ago, around the time the geek community fumed at a New York Times TV critic for her review on Game of Thrones.  This blog featured a thoughtful response to the notion girls do not read fantasy and therefore will not watch the show.

Amy Ratcliffe, the blogger behind the blog, write funny posts about the genre world.  She has a great post on geeky baby outfits among other thing related to comics, TV, movies, and gaming.  She normally does not go personal and the entry below is an exception:

geek with curves: On making time for the things you want to do.

I had the post bookmarked for a future time, but today I pressed it for this one.  I went on this blog to write a book talk post and I was on a roll.  In the internet, the time a person is in a ‘zone’ usually coincides with a time the entry disappears into the ether.  (My term for posts disappearing.)  Ms. Ratcliffe’s post details how she keeps herself on top on her posts in addition to launching a freelance writing career.  It’s honest and as usual thoughtful.  Beneath the words is the will to go after what one loves to do.  It’ s not a one-time only affair, but something to do again and again…and then again for good measure.

My way of keeping on top will seem a wee bit different than Ms. Ratcliffe’s, but the goal remains to keep going.  I don’t know if I can remember the words to the book talk, but I will go back to that blank entry and start over.  If I want to do it, I will go after it.  Why not apply the same drive to getting a position as a library technician to this blog?

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