Remembering Sir Ken Robinson — TED Blog

I didn't know about TED until 2008, when I went back to Red River for my Library Technician Diploma course. I had left teaching but never 'left teaching.' Making sense of my experience also made me look at some of the students I encountered, young men and women who did not fit this mould the … Continue reading Remembering Sir Ken Robinson — TED Blog

Blog Spotlight: Readers’ Salon

I read a lot of library blogs by librarians, but Reader's Salon represents an entire library system.  The contributor all work for the Winnipeg Public Library system, with each voice as unique as the selected topics . Why call it a 'salon'?  Isn't that for hairdressers?  you ask.  Actually, a salon once meant as Merriam-Webster … Continue reading Blog Spotlight: Readers’ Salon

Blog Spotlight: Liebester Awards

Thank you once again to Shadz from Tone Down and Vintage for the Liebester Award.  The award is a five-part process with a little link love for the person nominating you (check).  The award now has a place on my site (check).  Now comes the hard part...5 blogs with less than 200 followers deserving of … Continue reading Blog Spotlight: Liebester Awards

Blog Spotlight: Fresh Pressed Word Press Blogs

Every time I log into WordPress, I have a look at the Freshly Pressed section.  I have to be carefully not to feel insecure if my entry has not enough likes, comments, or not make the Freshly Pressed Section itself.  I pay attention to book reviews and posts about blogging.  I want to pick up inspiration … Continue reading Blog Spotlight: Fresh Pressed Word Press Blogs

Blog Spotlight: Anglophenia

It's no secret I am a bit of an Anglophile.  I watched Doctor in the House and old-time Doctor Who as a kid.  (Luckily the naughty jokes in shows like Doctor in the House went way over my young head.)  My Netflix queue contains epic stories starring handsome men in cravats (usually with the initials … Continue reading Blog Spotlight: Anglophenia

Blog Spotlight: Library Techician Blogs

Library Technician Dialog This blog maintained by two library techs and won the 2010 CLawBies award for best law blog.  The entries mostly concentrate on law resources, but do cover other topics such as the importance of failure and hiring in rural libraries.  The entries don't happen every day, but once they appear are concise … Continue reading Blog Spotlight: Library Techician Blogs

Following Your Bliss Means Getting Up and Going After It

This is an unofficial blog spotlight, but this post was worth sharing.  If you have not checked out Geek with Curves, do yourself a favour and go read it.  I discovered the blog nearly a year ago, around the time the geek community fumed at a New York Times TV critic for her review on … Continue reading Following Your Bliss Means Getting Up and Going After It

Blog Spotlight: Geeky Girls Love Sci-Fi

While I read blogs to keep up with the world of libraries, I am a dye-in-the-wool geek.  I thought the best way to combine both is spotlight blogs people may want to add to their favourite RSS feed.  Therefore kicking off this new feature is a blog I discovered by accident and really enjoy for its well-written … Continue reading Blog Spotlight: Geeky Girls Love Sci-Fi