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I didn’t know about TED until 2008, when I went back to Red River for my Library Technician Diploma course. I had left teaching but never ‘left teaching.’ Making sense of my experience also made me look at some of the students I encountered, young men and women who did not fit this mould the school division tried to shove them in, and shoved me half-way in as well. I didn’t feel happy, they felt this unhappiness as well.

It wasn’t until I heard this talk, I realized I would never belong as a teacher in the ed system as it is now and perhaps never will. For the students I met, the ones teachers dismissed as troublemakers, who scoff at school as useless, reminded me those with fond memories are the ones who either:

A. Got lucky to find that one teacher who BELIEVED in them.

B. Really wanted to matter and felt this didn’t because they didn’t fit this academic cookie mould, their talents were elsewhere, and for many they never had that person saying ‘had you thought about X.’

TED Talks sometimes devolve into really silly, happy-happy, events. However, sometimes you get this gem and Ken Robinson was the first of many gems I discovered as I tried to carve out an authentic life and career.

Sir Ken Robinson speaks at TED2010 in Long Beach, California. (TED / James Duncan Davidson) In February 2006, author and educator Sir Ken Robinson stepped on to the TED stage and posed a provocative question: “Do schools kill creativity?“ What followed was a masterclass in public speaking — 19 minutes that sparkled with wit, deep…

Remembering Sir Ken Robinson — TED Blog

One thought on “Remembering Sir Ken Robinson — TED Blog

  1. I was meh on school when I was in it (had no problems with the academic side) but there’s no way I could teach that way myself. I’m not interested in being the disciplinarian. I don’t have the energy.


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