To Richard On His 49th Birthday

Dear Richard,

You always seem to write the birthday messages so how about writing one to you. Let’s start with the obvious, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You are one step closer to fifty, true middle age, and it’s not bad over here. (I am a year older than you.) It’s also fun to reach an age where the things that used to matter don’t and the thing taken for granted begin to take on more significance. Then again, I like my men smart and you already know that.

You definitely looked ‘into you cups.’ I read that somewhere and I always loved that term. I have not had that brand but do know champagne/sparkling wine can make the mind swim with pleasantness. Right now I am having a red blend, a gift from my cousin. Therefore, I can’t claim drunkenness and do my best embarrassments stone-cold sober.

While you looked happy, I can also relate feeling acutely aware of missing a parent. I am glad to hear you dad aka ‘Leeds bloke’ is doing well yet I know every day involves learning to carry a new reality, the one where someone you love is not here.

This brings me to what I hope you get today and for always. Besides, health, something very important now, I wish you love. Work, like money, comes and goes, love continues to be priceless. Again, like I said, I like my men handsome and smart, and you already know that. Happy Birthday.


2 thoughts on “To Richard On His 49th Birthday

  1. Happy Richard’s Birthday!

    It’s really true that the milestone moments call to mind our loved ones who are not here. I hope he’s okay; I hope all the mourners will be comforted.


  2. Fatima great letter. I hope he is happy and he gets some balance in his life. I’m four years older than him and I’m still looking for it!
    Hope your red blend was smooth!!! ❤️❤️🤗


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