Blog Spotlight: Fresh Pressed Word Press Blogs

Every time I log into WordPress, I have a look at the Freshly Pressed section.  I have to be carefully not to feel insecure if my entry has not enough likes, comments, or not make the Freshly Pressed Section itself.  I pay attention to book reviews and posts about blogging.  I want to pick up inspiration and a few tips.  It’s heartening to read I am not the only one keeping a constant vigil in the stats section.

A number of entries caught my eye today:

  1. One writer’s list of what blogging has taught her.
  2. An inspiring review of John Bingham’s (‘The Penguin’ and Runner’s World Contributor) book  The Accidental Athlete.
  3. A hilarious, minute-by-minute meditation on what happens after one writer presses ‘Publish’ on a post.
  4. As a geeky girl, I love hot-men-in-genre posts.  Plus anyone who can pull off a Slave Leia costume deserves a hat’s off.

I actually picked up a couple of followers and one of my posts continues add view stats.  Will it make me rethink what to focus on?  Right now I focus on writing better and for myself first.  It sounds selfish, but it cuts down on the perfectionism and keep me going.  I already began to think about a number of changes like making the blog spotlight a monthly rather than weekly part of the blog.  It’s one of many ideas I juggle into the air until one day things come together to make the change happen.

Go on and have a look at these blogs and say ‘hello’ to the writers.  Writing is often a lonely business although the solitude feels deeply satisfying.

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