Blog Spotlight: Liebester Awards

Thank you once again to Shadz from Tone Down and Vintage for the Liebester Award.  The award is a five-part process with a little link love for the person nominating you (check).  The award now has a place on my site (check).  Now comes the hard part…5 blogs with less than 200 followers deserving of the honour.

I follow a variety of blogs, each with its own unique voice.  I read past posts, read their about pages, and finally settled on the 5 blogs for the Liebester Award.

Here are the honorees (Drum Roll)


Written by Tiffany from sunny California, this blog accounts the ups and downs of keeping healthy.  Her entries are short and sweet, with a helping of photos to round out her thoughts.

What’s Up Ya Sieve

Pants and Chuck, the monikers of the bloggers behind the entries ARE NOT puck bunnies.  While cute players abound in their entries, especially those from the Pittsburgh Penguins, they are not afraid to moan about woeful play.

High Heels & Hockey

Proof someone can like shoes and hockey.  Another well-written blog I enjoy reading not only chronicling the  beloved Penguins, but the life of a hockey mom.

Bohemian Geeky Girl

Geeky Girl write about pop culture with an emphasis on its treatment of women.  We met each other thanks to a scene from The Walking Dead making both of us go ‘hmm…’ Have a look for some ‘hmm’ and general geekiness.


Retrench is a newer blog dealing thrifty living and its place in a sustainable world.  The concise, yet thoughtful, entries, are well worth the wait if one decides to follow her blog.

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