Wheel, Deal, and Write

Sorry, folks, no ‘Midweek Geekiness’ today.  In the words of John Cleese, “And now for something completely different”…

While the blog remained a little quiet, things outside the computer hop and bop around.  I just bought myself a new bike.  It’s light enough to carry upstairs to my condo, plus the bike shop offers %15 off accessories with the purchase of a bike.  When I lived at home, I took my bike for granted.  Now in carless state, a bike can supplement my travel.  It can also squeeze in some exercise.  A car remains in my forecast, but I cautiously proceed as a newish member of the mortgaged class.  I like having extra money, but remembered what it’s like to not have a whole lot while in school.  The best thing about the new bike is the ability to head off to yoga and take a break from public transit.

It’s important to keep moving if one gets a wee deal on a television package.  Thank whatever-you-believe-in for things like PVRs.  A friend of mine called MTS praising their services and asking questions about existing promos.  Turns out she got an extension on her basic-plus-nine deal.  (Basic cable plus a choice of 9 television packages.)   I had questions about the current FX Canada promotion.  The channel finally made it up here as the television higher-ups discovered we like shows like Sons of Anarchy.  It turns out FX Canada will run for free until October before taking its place among the premium packages.  I already have HBO and Movie Central, plus added and dropped other packages to my heart’s content.  Turns out I scored a deal on the Movie Central/Encore Avenue package.  What’s the big deal?

The seven channel combo goes for $19.99.  That’s HBO east and west, Movie Central 1, 2, and 3, plus Encore Ave 1 and 2.  I like the call it the couch-potato-with-taste package. Now you see why I need to keep moving?  No use writing some ‘geeking out’ entries if my health goes to pot.  Sometimes a television viewer needs to think like an executive.  It means thinking about what shows to watch, why, and is it worth keeping up?  I also notice the TV goes on if I feel bored.  Much like weeding books, sometimes it’s worth weeding television.  Netflix comes in handy, but it can drop something due to contracts not getting renewed. Plus it takes a while for some shows to add new episodes.  I learned how to wait, but from time to time I want to watch it now.

Hence HBO.

After True Blood wraps, HBO gets dropped to make way for Showcase, AMC, and Space.  Wheel and deal and make sure to move.  Plus, make sure one does not end up broke in the process.  This takes money and even Netflix gets a once over to insure I get my 8 bucks worth of service. For many of my friends, the cable cord no longer exists.  In addition to Netflix, people wait patiently for the latest DVD set of their favourite programs.  Here’s something networks fail to get regarding viewers.  Yes, people will seek out streaming services and torrents outside sanctioned areas.  Those same people will buy the DVDs, download from iTunes, or purchase the show once it’s available.  In Canada, people will find a way around the ‘geogating’ found for British and American shows.


If it’s good we want to watch it.  It’s why a guys like Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman took off.  It’s why people will rediscover a show like Beauty and the Beast although Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton get known for other signature roles. If you write it, cast it, and produce it well people will take the long way around to compensate for it.  Even I don’t respect people trying to pirate all the time.

Where was I?  Oh, yes, writing.

Turns out my Hunger Games book talks struck a chord and got republished as either a link, or in the case of a newsletter, modified from its original state.  If it’s not the book talks, its other things written on the blog, or liked. It means people understand what I write.  (Huzzah!) Writing a post feels like having a conversation across a wide swath of people. For the past view years, I had the writer’s equivalent of laryngitis.  I didn’t have a block  in the classical sense of the term.  I start stuff and somehow fail to finish.  For now the goal is follow through and getting better at the follow through portion of the process.  The mantra as I write always chants don’t worry just do it.  (A mantra also part of turning 40 not too long ago.)

The next phase involves getting better as a writer.  As my voice slowly comes back, it’s time to make entries a little tighter in structure.  When I reflected on what I want, Erma Bombeck came to my mind.  I read her collections covering everything from raising kids to getting older.  If she lived, I would read her blog to laugh and think a little.  (I would also loved to see her take on the wave of mommy bloggers nowadays.)  In fact I plan to re-read her work not to copy, but to get a feel for structure, word choice, and a writer’s take on everyday life.

It’s what newspaper columns did before the blog thing came along.

I can’t leave this meandering reflection without something geeky.  How about someone’s Tumblr comparing Benedict Cumberbatch to an otter.  I may never look at an otter the same way again.

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