Topsy-Turvy Schedule Juggling

I postponed a few entries namely a Blog Spotlight and a Midweek Geekiness.  (Does that make it a Post-Post Midweek Geekiness?)  I know it’s not a paying gig and this blog is something I enjoy.  I have a raft-load of work washing ashore on my desk, plus the clock ticks until my big trip to Alberta.  First I have to negotiate a couple of weeks, including one for the Manitoba Libraries Conference.  The conference will reside in my notebook before they make it in cyberspace.  I have a netbook, but I didn’t want to cart it around the conference.

Luckily, hot yoga goes well.  On Monday I took one inhale too many, forcing me to step outside to calm my mind, and in turn, catch my breath.   The heat was not a factor, in fact I learned to enjoy it.  I managed to do tree pose for a few seconds.  I didn’t put my arms over my head to ‘fully express your pose’.  My expression of the pose involves not adjusting all the time.  However, this was class number 4 and little things do count a lot.

Oh, yes, I do find time to read.  I took out a few essay anthologies to gain some insights into non-fiction writing.  The non-fiction titles will figure into this month’s book talk.  One anthology even included some blog entries.  I enjoy taking a class, or two, but reading goes a long way to making a better writing.  Reading also means taking my eyes off computer screens to rest them on something else. It’s easy to think technology seems attached to our hips, but stepping back retains sanity.  What happens if one doesn’t take a break.  Have a look at some comment boards to see people hide from the world by spreading vitriol online.  Instead of responding, turn off the computer, and do good in the world.

It doesn’t stop the trolls, but it does preserve precious sanity.

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