Gosh-Diddly-Arn-It, or The Prematurely Published Blog Post

My original idea had me writing about the conference today, and ending up at the awards dinner laughing my way through the gentlemen from Unshelved.    It’s still going to happen, but I discovered the blog spotlight prematurely published with only a few tasks completed on the Liebester Award.  Plus I didn’t write a paragraph for one honouree.  To quote that popular philosopher Homer (Simpson):


Luckily, I have no plans to be a voice for any, or all, generations at the present time.  (For those who watched the HBO series ‘Girls’, it was the only joke I found remotely funny.  Then again I am old.)  Therefore my apologies for any confusion the entry may have caused.  On the other hand it received 3 likes.  (Thank you!)  What began as a way to foster creativity actually has people far away putting in search terms and reading my entries.  Everything has a start and now comes the will to continue. Now if only I can keep track of what dates in a month fall on a Friday for the entry schedule.


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