Midweek Geekiness

Where the heck do I start?

How about a new Avengers trailer?

Trailer number one made me giddy, while trailer number two amps my anticipation to warp 11.  We have a collection of well-beloved super heroes, played by some well-beloved actors,  with Joss Whedon directing, and his lines flowing out of Robert Downey Jr like a witty waterfall.

When I viewed the trailer over my lunch period, my geeky heart did the a happy dance.  I then turned to Facebook and it nearly turned into an Irish jig.  It turns out Peter Jackson will post a new on-set video for The Hobbit.  The status update stated ‘soon’ meaning either next week, or the next day, while I nearly wanted to jump up and down and shout NOW! NOW! NOW!  I can only exclaim Yes! Yes! Yeeeeessssss!!! on my own status update.  It means a peep or two from Richard Armitage.  Actually in regards to his voice the term ‘peep’ really doesn’t fit.  I couldn’t think of a better term as I was too busy swooning.

From a quiet bloke to a tweeting Canuck, I came across a blog entry about my other boyfriend Nathan Fillion.  (I don’t have to wonder what he’s up to since he tweets it from time to time.)  A writer named Angela Quarles takes a certain actor for her Monday feature and profiles their reading habits.  The entries also have pictures to accompany the entire post, hopefully with a book in hand.  Yes, it absolutely fangirly and absolutely fun.  No pictures of Nathan with a book, but I do know he enjoys the Harry Potter series and he owns a Kindle.  (Can a Kindle boy and a Kobo girl connect?  Cue the melodramatic music and stay tuned.)  He also read the Song of Ice and Fire Series and tweeted ‘book 6 isn’t gonna to write itself.’  (Hear! Hear!)

This is all the geek I can hold for now.

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