Writing, Reading, and Thinking

A few days ago, I posted a TED blog entry about Susan Cain’s talk The Power of Introverts.  I found out about Ms. Cain quite by accident while purchasing a Kobo title.  Most of the time, I give the ‘recommended’ titles after my clicks a quick glance.  Sometimes the lists are dead on, and sometimes so far off the mark I have to wonder what the computer geek smoked to put that algorithm together.

For some reason code and chance came together.

My book senses told me, after reading the blurb, it sounded like a good book to read.  It also sounded like a good book to tell the introverted people in my life to read.  The introverts I met always sounded disappointed about not being more ‘out going’.  In all honesty as more of an extrovert, some of my best moments come in solitude.  If my mouth is not opening in a group of people, I observe, extrapolate, or store for later.  I head off to the wilderness otherwise known as St. Benedict’s Education Centre, the shut off the distractions and listen to the clear-thinking voice in my head.  (As opposed to the flustered one always jabbering away in a panic.)

As much as I like my Kobo, Susan Cain’s talk made her book a keeper.  In other words a full-fledged book in my hands.  Credit cards and online book buying are hazardous things.  Here’s her talk below concerning introverts and their contribution to society:
The Power of Introverts
Just to be clear nobody is truly one or the other. Some introverts I know can deliver better presentations than those perceived as more outgoing.  It’s actually better to hear the talk to get a better idea.  Right now I need to gather some silence and try to finish my overdue Blog Spotlight entry.  (I try to get it out on Fridays and the subject is worth writing about.  I just want to do it justice rather than perfection.)

Now I need to melt into the quiet.

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