Sprucing Up the Place

After using the Esquire theme for my blog, I decided a change was necessary.  Esquire looked great, but I didn’t like everything down at the bottom as a footer.  I had a look at a few themes, tried some on, and settled on ‘Pilcrow’ with its row of books.  I have tags and other information on the side, yet things still look clean.

I also took the time to look at how-to videos at Word Press.  I wanted to have a look at embedding videos to trouble shoot why my embedding doesn’t go as planned.  I also had a look at scheduling to make better use of the function.  (Tonight’s post on The Walking Dead benefited from the scheduling function.) There was one presentation about a blog making more than $15,000 from a post.  It looked intriguing, but I decided to pass on it for the time being.  I would love to make a living blogging and want to just get better as a writer before I think about getting paid.  (Although if a gig fell into my lap that’s another story.)

I do feel blocked from time to time.  I try to head off the frozen feeling, but committing ideas into a notebook.  I can go back into the notebook and find some inspiration and off I go.  It also helps to do some things as a word document thereby taking the pressure off  producing.  The whole point of blogging, for me at least, is have fun and inform.  The last entry about free reference sites took a few revisions.  I wanted to write in a clear manner and not give the impression everything I say is gospel.  The bloggers profiled in the ‘Blog Spotlight’ are people writing about what they feel passionate about, not necessarily to make a whole load of cash.  What is the old saying?

Do what you love and the rest will follow…




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