Midweek Geekiness

Monday’s entry was originally intended for today.  However, as I tried to embed the Simpson’s parody of Game of Thrones, the entry went live with no way to get it back.  (Trust me I tried.)  I changed it to ‘Monday Geekiness’ and-viola-the entry manged to save itself.

So let’s get on with some new tidbits shall we?


They are the bane of a television viewer’s existence.  If a person wants to feel pleasantly surprised, it means working hard not to hear about:

  • a game-changing plot twist
  • a major character death
  • a series finale with unexpected results
  • a combination of all of the above

Beyond the traditional spoiler alert disclaimer, what is truly the proper way to not spoil something?  Look no further than these figures from the most spoilerific shows pas and present.  There’s even one from a show with its own mind-blowing plot twist.  (That’s all I will tell you.)

From College Humor Official Spoiler rules

From spoiler to vikings comes news History television commissioned their first scripted series. Vikings is created and written by the same person behind The Tudors.  It means violence, nudity, and sex all in that order.  I checked over at IMDB with so far no sign of a page, and no word about casting.  Basically, Vikings will join Game of Thrones as it films in Northern Ireland, with a ten episode season.  Hmm..nothing like seeing the original Mad Men without the grey flannel suits and ad accounts.

Looks like the geekiness is a little scant today.  I can patrol the internet for more stuff, but I do have things like a job and a life.  Here’s hoping for a few good tidbits next week.  (Barring any late-breaking geek news.)



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