Monday Geekiness

The Simpson’s have done some pretty good couch gags over the 20 plus years on the air.  Recently, they turned their satirical eye on Game of Thrones by mashing Springfield with Westeros.  To say this video was difficult to find and share is an understatement.  Fox took down clips on websites and blogs with Digital Spy (a go-to site for my geeky interests) as the only place I can share the video.

It’s aggravating.

It’s not about profiting from this video, but sharing it for a laugh.  Much like Downton Abbey’s rap parodies, Game of Thrones permeates the most unlikely places.  (I keep waiting for someone to dress up like Petyr Baelish  and sing It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp.)

To watch more, visit tag

Meanwhile back in the National Hockey League, no different from the intrigue of King’s Landing, general managers debate a variety of topics.  One of them is eliminating the overtime shoot out.  It seems some old-school  GMs do not like it despite research showing fans love it.  It means scenes like Claude Giroux’s goal will be no more (Sniff):

The move flabbergasted so many people, even Illya Brygalov couldn’t use physics to explain the deft move on the opposing goalie.

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