Book Talk: Good Reads Book Challenge

As usual I am late for the party.

A friend of mine turned me on to goodreads (  It reminds me of an app I liked using on Facebook, except this one issues challenges.  For 2012 the web site invited read a certain number of books and it’s up to the person to set the amount.  Some people have astronomical numbers like 100.  I needed something a little more doable since it’s three months into the new year.  I decided to read 42 books in 2012.

Why 42?  It’s the age I will turn this year and it sounded like the best idea to read the number of books based on one’s age.  Of course I will rethink this strategy the older I get, but let me bask in the afterglow of my decision.  The challenge is off and running with-you guessed it-Quiet by Susan Cain.  The book resides on my night stand right now while my next book will come from my Kobo.

What I really like about Good Reads is the social media field combined with books. If anyone believes reading is dead, all they need to do is look at the site to see people listing, reviewing, and swapping books from the ‘to read shelf’ to the ‘read’ shelf.  As for the challenge it’s great to set a number and allow ownership of the goal. Then

Books on a shelf
Books on a shelf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s time to read.

Gotta go.

*Puff of Smoke*

2 thoughts on “Book Talk: Good Reads Book Challenge

  1. It doesn’t matter that you’ve just joined the challenge now, you can still count the books you’ve already read this year. Every book that you enter a date read for will count as long as that date is this year.


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