Midweek Geekiness: A Hollow Crown, A Secret Agent, and Even More Avengers Geekiness

People may scoff at me about seeing The Avengers more than once.  Life feels too short to arouse concern on my part, and most of the time I see it again with someone else seeing for the first time.  On Sunday, after a delightful brunch at The Falafel Place, myself and two other friends walked to Grant Park.  We went to the 2D afternoon show with a near-private-viewing experience.  (There was a guy off to the side.)  As much as I enjoy full movie theatres, I like a near-empty movie theatre with me and a few friends.

I still laugh at the funny lines (‘Clench up Legolas’ still remains a favourite.)  Loki remains just as sinister in 2D as in 3D, while I had to imagine Hawkeye nearly landing in my lap in 2D while he vividly jumped from the screen in 3D.  (I have an ample lap, I don’t mind.)  Add emerging to a sunny, Winnipeg afternoon and I finished my fun day on my balcony with a book and a cold glass of cranberry club soda.

With Avengers on the brain, once again Misters Hiddleston and Renner find themselves on my Midweek Geekiness post.  Why?  I say why not?

Finally, He Gets to Rule

The BBC put together a lavish adaptation of three of Shakespeare’s intertwining history plays Richard II; Henry IV parts I & II, and Henry V.  Tom Hiddleston steps into the role of Hal, later maturing in King V complete with St. Crispin’s Day speech.  ironically, the last person to play the role was Kenneth Branagh in  movie proving Shakespeare can rock cinematically and put the actor on my what-else-can-he-do radar.  (I also say send the man thank you cards for encouraging Tom Hiddleston to audition for Thor.)

While Hiddleston is one reason to watch the trilogy, the three movies boasts an impressive cast from Shakespeare staple Patrick Stewart to Harry Lloyd (Viserys from Game of Thrones).

I can go on and on about the production value getting amped up as a NBCUniversal co-production, or you can see the trailer for The Hollow Crown yourself:

Now for the news letting a little bit of air out of this balloon.  The trilogy will show on BBC June 30th, July 7th, July 14th, and July 21st, while PBS will show it either later in 2012 or early 2013.  See where one hears the hiss as it is deflated?

Let’s be frank.  People will find a way to upload the content so other people can see the content.  Doctor Who remains one of the few British exports showing at the same time in Canada and the UK. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for other programming.  People took one look at Benedict Cumberbatch during Sherlock’s initial season and thought talented and cute guy with unusual name…I need more. They got it by any means necessary and still bought the DVDs.  It’s no different from watching The Avengers and thinking talented and cute guy who does bad very wellI need more.  Silly reasoning I know, but people will still intend to seek out the content now and get the DVD later for repeated viewing and the all important special features.

Chill It’s Just a Date Change

I had to change my milestone date for the Bourne Legacy from August 3rd to August 10th.  I did check to see what movies will open against it on August 3rd, and noticed Jeremy Renner’s good friend and S.W.A.T. co-star Colin Farrell stars in the Total Recall remake due out on the same day.  Seriously, I think these two would buy each other a round as a congratulatory gesture.  Everyone else would predictably freak.

Like they do now.

The comment boards lit up either saying ‘A Bourne without Damon would suck and here’s the proof’, or speculating what film blinked first to avoid the box-office tsunami that is Dark Knight Rises.  I think it’s a good move after what happened to films in the wake of The Avengers.  People argue Battleship failed due to the timing of its release.  Alright, that may be true despite reviews by people saying the movie stunk and Alexander Skarsgard’s hotness could not save it. The Bourne Legacy trailer made me think the movie, and its premise with Renner as its lead, might work.

What do I know I am a library technician not a studio head or a critic.  However, I am a fangirl with a Jeremy Renner post coming up shortly.  (I guess you can say I picked my favourite between Hiddleston and Renner.)

3 thoughts on “Midweek Geekiness: A Hollow Crown, A Secret Agent, and Even More Avengers Geekiness

  1. Okay…. I agree that you shouldn’t worry about what other people think, especially about seeing a movie more than once. But HOW MANY times did you see it?!? ;]

    Totally looking forward to Hollow Crown!


    1. Let’s see:

      4 times in 2D
      1 time in 3D
      and will see it today (Friday) in 3D
      Total: 6 times

      This it breaks my personal record of record viewings of a movie held by Return of the Jedi when I was 13. (Total times: 3)


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