Midweek Geekiness: Two More Ponderings About Those Blue-Eyed, British Boys

One Comic-Con Baptism for Mr. Armitage

English: Richard Armitage at the 2010 Televisi...

It’s official:  The Hobbit will come to Geek  Prom San Diego Comic Con.  The movie itself wraps principal photography on July 7th, meaning the cast will barely have time to breathe before they touch down in California.  Aidan Turner attended Comic Con once as part of the BBC panel for Being Human.  However this Hall H, the holy of holies for geeks, seating 6, 500 people giddily anticipating some footage of the film.  Will Peter Jackson follow James Cameron’s lead and hand out 3D glasses for the full effect.  Hopefully this will go better than the last time unfinished footage  rolled for an audience.

It’s safe to say the cast will walk out to a rock-star welcome by the crowd, something these journeymen actors may find a little surprising.  Richard Armitage pretty much said he’s ready for the event, and I will FINALLY hear from him after nearly a year of not a single sound bite.  While I wait to hear from him, we also have 10 new images from The Hobbit courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.  Armitage’s Thorin Oakenshield is the last picture looking pretty bad ass with orcrist.

Look Out Ryan Gosling Fans

People magazine’s Sexist Man Alive contest is good for a few laughs.  Not only do I laugh over who they pick, especially if it’s someone I would never choose, but the debates back and forth turn pretty nasty.  Suddenly I don’t laugh only cringe and lament people’s tenuous hold on reality.  I mean, really, it’s the Sexist Man Alive issue not a Middle East peace accord.

English: Tom Hiddleston at a press conference ...Somewhere between this is hilarious and alright, give it a shot comes a Montreal Gazette blog entry about two women wanting to give Tom Hiddleston a shot at the title.  When I think about it other than an Aussie (Hugh Jackman), a Scotsman (Sean Connery), and a Canuck (Ryan Reynolds) the Americans have a hold on that title.  Even I admit if I see the same guys in contention making the thing looks a little stale.  As much as Ryan Gosling does nothing for me, yes it’s possible to work in a library and feel that way, it’s nice to see a fresh face.

Does Mr. Hiddleston have a chance?   It remains to be seen and as much as it’s a lovely gesture, and lord knows I wrote enough about this guy,  but he has to do one thing to really solidify is swooning army.  It’s something the gentleman above him already did with his very own army before it turned fashionable.

Tom Hiddleston’s fan army has to crash the BBC message boards.  True story.  When Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South début on the BBC, women all over UK took one look at the tall, dark, and handsome lead and thought my word who are you?  (Very same response I had while watching Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisbourne on Robin Hood.)  Nobody saw that level of swooning since Colin Firth emerged dripping wet in a white shirt in Pride and Prejudice. It actually crashed the BBC message boards.  In order for Tom Hiddleston to take his place in this pantheon, the BBC message board must crash.  Of course I mean this with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

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