Midweek Geekiness: A Couple of Parodies for Consideration

Share a Cookie Maybe?

I grew on Sesame Street and its spoofs.  (Remember Monsterpiece Theatre?) Now Sesame Street turns it pop culture lens towards sharing thanks to the song ‘Share it Maybe’, a spoof of the Carly Rae Jepson hit ‘Call Me Maybe’. (Source CBC Website)

Avengers Geekiness:  A Hilarious Retelling in 15 Minutes, Or Less

Whedonesque regularly comes in through my Google reader with its bits and bobs relating to anything…well…Joss Whedonesque.  I mentioned a number of spoofs on The Avengers, but his one takes the cake.  Written by Cleolinda over at Livejournal, the movie gets digested into a bite-sized parody.  Toss in a few Whedon in jokes and Lokimoticons for good measure.

What Do You Think?

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