Meanwhile, Back in Real Life

I have a busted bicuspid tooth needing to come out.  While my Midweek Geekiness feature went live, I took my throbbing, aching tooth to a new dentist.  To make a long story short:  I fired my last dentist.  The new dentist requires new patients fill out a two-page questionnaire to make their visit as comfortable as possible.  Dentists make me nervous, especially lying nearly upside down, my mouth wide open, while latex covers my mouth.  The last dentist-the fired one-filled in the crack without bothering to check if the fracture touched a nerve.My tooth answered with ferocious pain spreading to my left cheek and down the left side of my tongue.  For a few days I popped a Motrin figuring out my next move.  I already had an appointment scheduled for August with the new dentist.  After explaining the situation, I got in bright and early the next day with the new one and heard the verdict.

The tooth must come out.

An implant will take its place.

I have insurance and now must figure out what gets covered and what doesn’t get covered.  The implant costs more than a simple bridge, but I have two good teeth on either side of the bicuspid.  A bridge would destroy those two teeth, and the long-term costs outweight the short-term cost of putting in the implant.  I employed my long-range plans hat and begin to reconfigure my budget. Poor Cate’s blog entries deserve a thorough once over for the next little while.

While laying in a dentist chair, a dental dam clamped in place, I tried to think of happy thoughts.  Next week I go on vacation, I have blog posts on the go for publishing, my fall shapes up to be really busy, and anticipating what Comic Con will bring for future geeking out posts.  While not the best news, it’s not devastating either, just the kind of thing requiring a more practical bent to what I spend.


After August 29th I drop HBO and its accompanying channels.  The fall line up doesn’t catch my interest, and with enough patience some movies end up on Netflix.  HBO in all truthfulness is a luxury, with other ways to get their context. (Mwhahahahahaha)  Plus I have a couple of ‘wants’ on the DVD front.  I would like The Hollow Crown for a start and The Avengers once it’s released.  I realize those ‘wants’ will cost me therefore I plan accordingly for their purchase.  (Notice the calm construct of the last sentence although the subtext screams I WANT IT NOW! with the verve of a teeny bopper.)

The consultation appointment with the oral surgeon add yet another medical appointment to my holidays.  I go from the mountains of Alberta to the valley of medical offices. It’s not fun just very necessary.

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