Busted Bicuspids and Boston Bank Robbers

Since the last episode of As The Broken Bicuspid Turns, I had a temporary filling put in to await my September 14th surgery.  It's a simple plan, really, to wait to get the tooth out then put in the implant.  As fast as someone can say 'Bob's Your Uncle' I get a new tooth screwed … Continue reading Busted Bicuspids and Boston Bank Robbers

Meanwhile, Back in Real Life

I have a busted bicuspid tooth needing to come out.  While my Midweek Geekiness feature went live, I took my throbbing, aching tooth to a new dentist.  To make a long story short:  I fired my last dentist.  The new dentist requires new patients fill out a two-page questionnaire to make their visit as comfortable as possible.  Dentists … Continue reading Meanwhile, Back in Real Life