Busted Bicuspids and Boston Bank Robbers

Since the last episode of As The Broken Bicuspid Turns, I had a temporary filling put in to await my September 14th surgery.  It’s a simple plan, really, to wait to get the tooth out then put in the implant.  As fast as someone can say ‘Bob’s Your Uncle’ I get a new tooth screwed into place.  This morning the filling fell out.  Despite my dentist’s valiant efforts, the fracture cannot be held together for much longer.  The tooth needs to come out-soon.  August 31st becomes the new date while I have to modify my diet.  I already chewed on one side of my mouth.  Now with the temporary filling, plus the hope nothing else will happen, it’s time to put the roast beef and potato into the food processor.  I also need to take stock of my soups.


In the grand scheme of things it’s not a catastrophe.  I have a dental plan.  The dental plan, however, does not cover everything in this situation.  It’s the cost that’s more of a pain than the initial fracture itself.  Then again I can’t worry about it.  I will make this work.  I keep wondering if perhaps this obstacle tests my maturing resolve.  Only a decade ago I would have burst into tears, thinking this is the worse thing ever!  No, not the worse thing…just an inconvenience.

Looks like my Labour Day long weekend will consist of soups, movies, and reading. While on holiday I scored a Blu-Ray combo copy of The Town.  This $11.00 investment has not one, but two versions of the film.  Of course version 1 has the Oscar nominated cut.  Version 2 contains a director’s cut with commentary by directory Ben Affleck.  If I had a Blu-ray player this would be great.  For now I will content myself with the DVD of the theatrical release with no frills.

Alright, this means Jeremy Renner now has a place in my video collection I dubbed my all-male harem.  (I do have standards.  My Gerard Butler selection DOES NOT include The Bounty Hunter or that other film with Katherine Heigl. )  Overall I do like this film.  May be it’s the Boston setting and I still have memories of my east coast trip in ’84.  The Town sounds like a heist movie, but as people like V discovered it’s much more than that.  It’s really a story about friendship, love, and defining oneself.  Plus the bad guys and the good guys are not all cut and dry.

The Town roots comes from an adaptation of the novel  Prince of Thieves by Chuck Hogan.  The trivia for this film over at IMDB mentioned the ending of the film differing from the book.  My curiosity aroused, I went to a library branch and searched for the novel.  The book The Town has numerous lost copies.  Knowing about the original title scored me a copy.  I also pick up an Express Bestseller copy of the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel.

Guess what needed reading first.

My To Do List keeps growing.  I have two new Book Talks to write, plus purchase one reasonably priced blu-ray player.  It better be soon…The Avengers comes out on September 25th.  First I need to get this tooth out, the implant in, and may be stop a cold.

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