Hazy, Lazy Days of Summer

The literary output looks slower than usual thanks to round two of holidays.  After working with a computer all day, it’s good to turn it off, and head outside.  Baby, it’s warm outside alright.  I took a walk to the bank, had a mocha at Starbucks, then walked back home.  Each time I entered an air-conditioned place, my body broke out into the sweat stifled by the humidity.  Winnipeg had a couple of thunderstorms during some of the hot spells, but the weather reverts back to holy cow hot.  Soon we will trade holy cow hot to holy cow cold.  For now I live in the moment.

It doesn’t mean this blog doesn’t have things on deck.  I have some stuff in various draft stages, including a fan-girlish post for Midweek Geekiness.  I do have a net book computer, but I enjoy taking a notebook to scribble away in my incomprehensible penmanship.  At the moment I think about participating in the 3 Day Novel Writing Contest.  Unlike the annual November Novel Writing Month, this one is three days of pure literary craziness.  (The other gets stretched out over 30 days.)  I tried it two years ago and barely got off the ground.  The writing isn’t the hard part.  It’s telling my family I will not move for a few days and trying to make them understand why.  I will finalize my decision next week before the early bird deadline.

Whether it’s 3 Day or 30 day, it’s a way to push my output.  Sometimes I get going then I stop.  The hardest part about writing, even for this blog, is pushing my way past the inner critic.  It’s the one constantly on my back saying this sounds so dumb or seriously, how old are you?  You’re writing about Richard Armitage again!  Even ever helpful WordPress has this spell checker constantly putting a line underneath anything with a passive construction.  The last line I wrote, the one about pushing my way past the inner critic,I had to hover a few times trying to find a way not to use the ‘is’, but I learned some things need expression and falling flat on my face comes with evolving as a writer.

On deck today, going out with two friends I have not seen in a long, long time.  I will return to my home and try to finish a few posts and schedule their publication.  I return to work next week and feel ready to go back.  I never felt ready to go back to work.  It means the right combination of rest and play happened over my time off.  I intend to make the best of the dwindling days.

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