My New Favourite Song

While on holidays I found myself downloading a few songs from iTunes.  Normally I can browse and may be get a song I like.  I prowled the top tens and test out a few interesting choices.  I hit this new single by the Canadian band Stars called ‘Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It’.

I found myself hooked.

I downloaded the song and it already had three plays on my iPod.  It’s like setting advice to music and then dancing to it.  While no official video exists of the song, with the full length album not due until September, a YouTube user named sadiemae08atliove simply out the bands picture up and played the song.  It’s a good way to hear the full song with links to only iTunes, but another site called emusic.  In fact it’s cheaper at the latter site at 49 cents.  No matter the price, the band finds itself on my radar to see what other tunes they have to offer.

In the mean time play the video, turn down the blinds, and dance around your favourite room.

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