Good Bye Holidays, Hello Rejuvinated Work Life


This is it.  My last day.

I went on holidays two weeks ago, and now return a little more rested, ready to tackle the big to-do list waiting to form itself upon my return.  It’s a far cry from a couple of years ago juggling more than one job after graduating with my library technician diploma.  Would I do it again?  Well, it got me to this point in my life.  I would do it a little more smarter if I have to do it again.  The way to tackle crazy schedules vary from person to person.  My experience will differ from someone else, and that experience will differ as well.  If I have to impart any advice it’s listen to your gut.

After having brunch with friends, plus a little walk-a-bout at the Forks, I returned home to immediately blast the air conditioning.  I learned Winnipeg was under a heat advisory, and heat like this reminds me of a fever needing to break.  Luckily it broke in the form of a thunderstorm.  I learned to like thunderstorms.  As a kid they made me nervous, now I enjoy watching them.  This one has really high winds in the beginning, enough to send large chunks of branches down the lane.  The wind calmed down and I can see the downpour from my dining room table as I tap away on the lap top.

My notebooks burst with post drafts and ideas.  Ideas and drafts are good;  Getting going is a whole other story.  You know procrastination rages like a thunderstorm for a writer if doing the ironing looks more appealing than writing.  It’s the constant battle many writers face, even amateur ones like myself.  However if I want to evolve, I must do.  (Cue the famous Yoda saying.)

While I contemplate evolving as a writer or clothes presser, I will share another new song discovery on my iPod.  Here is Fun with their official video for ‘Some Nights’:


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