Midweek Geekiness: Hobbits, Kobos, and Book Launches Oh My!

Nothing makes me giddy like a Bieber fan than a new Hobbit trailer:

The voice majestically talking about loyalty and a willing heart belongs to actor Richard Armitage.  In the movie he plays Thorin Oakenshield, the leader of the dwarf company trying to take back their home.  For a little while longer, he’s a best-kept secret known to people with a large BBC video collection, or access to Netflix.  (I belong to the latter.)  I mentioned  him a few times and marvelled at the restraint used in my writing.  Why? This is the guy most likely to test my iron-fisted self-control if I met him in real life.  But why?  Besides a voice someone once described as ‘velvet’, the classic tall, dark, and handsome look, plus a willingness to go all in for a role.  Nothing makes a man even sexier like talent.

Hot dwarves aside, I have a sneaking suspicion Bofur as played by Brit TV vet James Nesbitt may steal parts of the movie.  According to online sources, including some to come out of comic con, Bofur cracks a good many lines while kicking a great deal of troll arse.  Nesbitt has a good career in the UK, but I think Hollywood would come calling.  I just hope it’s with a really good script.

Anticipated movie trailers aside, my life consists of reading, recovering, and working.  My Kobo came back in use to read The Sister’s Brothers by Patrick DeWitt.  Kobo tested my resolve by unveiling three new Kobos depending on the needs of the consumer.  I resisted the Kobo Touch, an eReader released RIGHT AFTER I bought my Kobo.  Now Kobo released the KoboGlo allowing the reader to read an e-book with a an adjustable glow.  It means reading in the comfort of my bedroom.  The bad news:  It means sleep might take a bit of a back seat.  Realistically, this sucker costs $129.99 and my current Kobo still works.

No matter the model, a Kobo still can’t replace the feeling of a real book.  I attended a book launch for Chadwick Ginther’s anxiously awaited new novel Thunder Road.  Haven’t heard of Chadwick Ginther?  If you go to McNally Robinson for any fantasy/sci-fi needs, Chadwick is the guy with the know-how to hook a person up with a book.   On September 6th Chadwick went from watching book launches to being its centre.  I admit to a wee bit of bias as I worked with the guy.  It will make my upcoming Book Talk a little difficult, but really doable.  Let’s just say hard work does pay off, and my face was only one of a sea of proud, beaming faces during the book launch.


One thought on “Midweek Geekiness: Hobbits, Kobos, and Book Launches Oh My!

  1. I’m sorry I missed Chadwick’s launch but I had a conflicting family dinner to attend, that night. I have since purchased Thunder Road and hope I have time soon to read it.

    I do agree with you about the feel of real books as opposed to an e-reader like Kobo (I have the Sony version), although the electronic device is easier to travel with.

    Thanks for showing the Hobbit trailer. I am glad to see some of the same actors reprising their roles to give the movie some continuity with the LotR movies. I can’t wait to see it! 🙂


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