Every so often I come across something library related written so much better than I could have thought of it. Stephen Karr just started his blog Literature Reviews for Library Techs. Hopefully he can keep this up to add to the knowledge base for all Library Technicians.

Why should Librarians have all the fun with literature reviews?


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In this review, I am considering a common dilemma, especially for library staff who work in a public service role.  What is the best way in which to deal with the library patron whose behaviour is presenting difficulties to library staff?  In this review, I will restrict myself to consideration of tactics for front line staff to use in such situations.  I will also mostly limit myself to ordinary situations where the patron is exhibiting difficult behaviour, but not extreme violent or aggressive behaviour.

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  1. Those tactics for dealing with difficult patrons seem to be common practice for anyone who deals with upset patrons, patients or students – things that everyone should find useful. 🙂


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