The Snow Fell Now the Challenge Begins

The low came, it dumped, and now we have some sunlight.  For my run clinic, and this reluctant leader, the real challenge begins.  I have to get my bum out the door, even if it feels cold.  How did I do this last time?  Oh, yes, I had a half-marathon to train for and this time it’s a simple come back.

On the bright side inches began to come off.  I put on one of my barometer pants to discover it can zip up, button, and look a little less snug than in the summer.  I nearly jumped for joy.  It also confirms not having a lot of bread makes a huge difference.  I haven’t read the book Wheat Belly, but the book came highly recommended by a number of people.  It’s not just about gluten intolerance-the new buzzword in diet-more about wheat’s impact on mood.  For instance, gluten intolerance can manifest itself lethargy.  I heard this from one of my clinic speakers.  I know it’s all about sugar highs and lows, but lethargy?  It’s worth checking further.  This knowledge did not stop me from getting a Tall Grass Prairie Cinnamon bun.  The baked good made itself even better by tasting fresh.  Yum.

I eat a lot of veggies, starting withe broccoli slaw from Superstore.  Cutting and chopping is not my thing just yet.  One person spoke about remodelling her kitchen, placing the prep space in front of a window.  “You need to look at something while you’re chopping,” she said.  I don’t have that luxury in the condo.  I will settle for a kitchen-prep music mix.  Cutting out pop remains a work in progress.  I don’t buy the 12 packs.  I will buy six individuals to pour into a wine glass.  I like my wine glasses bought by a friend of mine after she noticed my admiration for them.  Red wine will put me to bed, white will dull my focus, and the caffeine of a Diet Coke will have to do.  Although a pitcher of water sits on my counter, with a glass, and I do take a few glasses.

Back to winter…

It’s here.  It will stay.  That’s it.  Thankfully I arranged all my winter gear for easy reach.  I have my running mitts and hat in a bag hanging in my closet.  Things don’t feel too cold right now.  I hear grumbling, that most Winnipeg of past times.  Amnesia about cold is a bit like amnesia about driving; We never know how cold it really gets until the wind chill seems to chew through our clothes.

3 thoughts on “The Snow Fell Now the Challenge Begins

  1. I’ve been told about the ‘Wheat Belly’ book, too, mainly about how the wheat has been modified so much that all the nutrients have pretty much been bred out of it. Still, like you, it doesn’t deter me from the occasional sweet treat or pasta. 🙂

    The main thing I worry about in winter is ‘slip-sliding away’! I got some good solid boots last year with excellent grips, so I hope I won’t slip and sprain my ankle like I did a few years ago.

    While I can walk for miles with only a few twinges in these old bones, I’ve never been able to run. It’s an asthma thing. Even as a kid, if I ran too hard for too long, I’d cough up a storm for the next few hours. Hope you manage to find the motivation to get out there and train. 🙂


  2. Pop is so bad on every level. My brother-in-law (a big time pop drinker) lost 5 lbs in one month by doing nothing but cutting out pop. He fell off the wagon, though. :[

    Have you thought about flavoured sparkling water as a substitute? The Perrier Grapefruit is just sparkling water and natural flavour. Or maybe make a batch of iced coffee from scratch so you can get the caffeine buzz but control the calories?


    1. I have one foot on the wagon and the other off. I have to get back to sparkling soda water and cranberry juice. I will try to find that Perrier you mentioned.


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