Midweek Geekiness: Is It December Yet?

The Walking Dead premiered to huge ratings.  (No surprise.)  It means choosing another new countdown to grace my side bar.  What will it be? I thought.  I remembered the Thorin Oakenshield wallpaper on my work computer and iPod Touch.  Therefore a countdown to The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey begins.  It’s mostly due to imaginary boyfriend number 1 (Richard Armitage).  The bloke just finished a movie entitled Black Sky in the states soon after The Hobbit wrapped production.  Once again he’s quiet, and quite possibly on some well-deserved vacation.  It begs the question:

Is it December 14th yet?



The marketing machine kicked up things as audiences get closer and closer to the première.  On the surface it looks like a trickle with a poster here or an article there.  All of it just prepares the audience for the tsunami of publicity headed this way, and the cast has not even sat down for a press junket yet.  (Aside: Oh, man, I dread the inane questions they will get.  If the press gets a hold of Richard Armitage’s circus stint in Hungary, the Americans in particular will never that let one go.)

Rolling Stone premiered the end credits theme ‘Song of the Lonely Mountain’ sung by former Split Enz/Crowded House front man Neil Finn.  (Sir Peter tries to keep it in the Kiwi family.)  I had a listen to the song, which thankfully does not sound anything like Enya’s song played over the end credits for The Fellowship of the Ring.  (I like Enya, but…really?)  Have a read and a listen at Rolling Stone before heading over to Empire Magazine’s website to get a full, sneak-peek of the entire soundtrack.  

Right now I picture a certain cataloguing friend of mine already making plans to add this to her mix.  This treat comes after Empire released FIVE different covers commemorating the film.  Did I mention the insanity is only beginning?

Speaking of insanity, I have to get back to real life and my presentation.


2 thoughts on “Midweek Geekiness: Is It December Yet?

  1. Hope your presentation fairs well! As for the hoopla that is about to blow in on the next frosty wind, I can hardly wait to see the movie, myself, and will definitely check out the sound track, etc. 🙂


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