In Pain Yet Happy

The ‘pain’ alluded in my topic line involves one sore back.  I threw it out by simply getting off the chair.  I occasionally have these back spasms, the kind reducing me to the mobility of a 90 year-old woman.  After gingerly getting dressed, I went to my local Superstore to get something for the pain.  The rest will involve light stretching, and moving around to get things loosened up.

On my way in, I met with my friend C and her two daughters.  She was on her way out, each girl holding a bouquet of flowers.  I don’t know if the eldest sensed my physical pain, but out of nowhere she gave me her bunch of yellow roses:

The random-act-of-kindness bouquet in water.

We quickly went back inside to tell the customer service person someone already paid fort the flowers , in case I get accused floral thievery.  The clerk kept them behind the counter, while I hugged my benefactor, and wished everyone well.  I still had the back pain, but I had the widest smile on my face.

Now to get full mobility returned to my lower back.



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