Midweek Geekiness: Odds and Ends on a Sore Back

I will never, ever take sitting for granted.  I only hope to hang onto this memory, not forget it until the next time my back goes out.  It’s not a great feeling to wish on anyone.  For now allow me to share a few things gleaned from the interweb, and other sundry sources.

Who Knew Hawkeye (Will James, Wood Hite, Aaron Cross, William Brandt et al) Can Sing?

Apparently Jeremy Renner‘s monologue from Saturday Night Live surprised a number of people.  Tops on the amazement list-the fact he can sing.

“Who knew?” People asked.

Well, duh, a few of us not hung up on the kinds of roles he usually plays.  Yes, it’s the usual complex-character types, but on occasion we get an inkling:

Love Comes to the Executioner plays like a lot of indie films, which like a lot of indie films sometimes turn out disjointed and weird.  At least this one didn’t turn totally unwatchable, the leading man not withstanding.

File Under ‘Wish I Had that One Vacation Day Left’

Fan sites are wonderful news aggregators.  I have one on my Google reader to collect any news on Richard Armitage.  People usually send in information and images.  I admire their dogged dedication.  Me?  Remember the term I often use with Richard Armitage, as I do with Jeremy Renner, and Nathan Fillion, and…never mind…is ‘imaginary boyfriend’.  It’s best to define the term as ‘men of interest who don’t know I exist, but would like to meet them someday.  Now time to get to work.’

Back to the aggregator aspect of this nerdy item…

It’s no surprise The Hobbit, with all its press, will present Richard Armitage to a much larger audience.  Starting with Canada.  Forget trolls, the real danger involves inane interview questions.  Luckily, Richard Armitage will tape an interview with George Stroumboulopoulos.  I like George.  He’s a good interviewer, and it’s more of sitting down in someone’s living room in front of a live audience.  Perfect for the quiet, gangly bloke.

It’s just over 2,000 miles, or a 23 hour car ride.  If I had a car, which I don’t right now.  Right now my best hope involves appealing to the film gods for a film to shoot in Winnipeg.  Let’s face it not even St. Jude, that patron saint of impossible causes, can come through with that one.  Looks like I wait for the interview to air like anyone else.

My back tells me my time is up.  I have a chiropractor putting me back together.  As of this entry it’s walk around, ice, and chiropractor.  I have a new one close to my place.  My goal this time around involves not having this happen again.  I want a rocking old age.  I want to walk the halls of my 55+ residence, or in my condo.  In short, I want to be mobile.

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