Mindful Sitting and Hobbits

I graduated from ‘in pain’ to ‘discomfort’ in the back department.  The injury forced me to sit fully in a chair, rather than on the edge.  Everyone sits on a chair’s edge, I am no exception.  I just have to commit my ample rear-end fully to a chair.  My back will thank me for it.  Tonight, I have another chiropractic adjustment, then take a walk to keep things loose.  It’s important to rehab this injury as far as sitting goes.  Why?

I have tickets to see The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey on opening night.

For a few extra bucks, I went with the IMAX 3D showing at Silver City.  I have assigned seating, and it surprised me an ample amount of tickets are still for sale for opening night.  Oh, yes, this is Winnipeg.  The closer the date, the more people buy, the more they irksome as tickets start to run out.

Am I blogging it?  You ask.

Do zebras have stripes?  I answer.

Do Hobbits have furry feet?

Oh, you get my point.

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