Midweek Geekiness Part Two: Onward

Yes, I saw The Hobbit.  Yes, I saw it more than once.  Yes, a review is coming.  Now that we got that out of the way, a few notable things to mention.

How about finally, FINALLY becoming a member of Whedonesque.  Whedonesque devotes itself to all things Whedon and his many works.  From time to time the man himself will pop in with this own thoughts either to thank people for their support before this Avengers breakthrough.  (Meanwhile Whedon fans stifle the urge to scream WE TOLD YOU HE COULD DO IT!!)  Other times he will bring an issue to people’s attention, especially women’s issues around the world.  It means I can post something, but best of all I can comment.  Whedonesque opened their cyber doors around Christmas.  Faster than a person can say DING! DING! DING! I signed up.  That reminds me, I have to watch The Cabin in the Woods.

I went over to Goodreads to discover one can do a 2013 reading challenge.  Sign me up!  I have two books on the go, with one almost finished, just in time for the goal of 43 books in 2013.  (The amount of books to read in a year always equals my age.  Should make the years to come really interesting.)    I would love to have a widget on this blog, but sadly WordPress doesn’t support them.  (Do you hear me oh gods and goddesses of WordPress!)

While I can’t put a Goodreads Reading Challenge widget on my blog, I don’t regret migrating a few entries from one blog site to continue writing on this one.  When I logged in, I noticed a little sign regarding a new notification.  To my delight I may have missed the anniversary of starting the blog, but WordPress reminded me of my start on their site:

Anniversary Notification.  Thank you WordPress.
Anniversary Notification. Thank you WordPress.

Speaking of WordPress, they have badges up for Post a Week/Day.  I will take this week to see what’s the more realistic goal.  I have a pile of ideas on my notebooks, but making them posts is the overall goal for 2013.

Speaking of starting the year off right…

January 1 2013 Resolution Run

I confess to nearly talking myself out of the Resolution Run.  I drove my guests home, stuff remained on the table to clean up, and I felt bone tired.  Why do I want to do this? I thought.  I went straight to bed, ignoring the clean up, got up to have a little pre-run snack, some milk, and still asking my question from the night before.  When I whipped out my phone to take this picture, I had my answer.  The first kilometre and a half felt like two pianos strapped to my ass.  I have no other pretty way to put it.

The self-talk now turned to simply walking the event.  I do want to say there’s nothing wrong with walking.  The event also brought out a number of walkers.  In the same blue jackets, people walked with friends and loved ones.  Every step whether it’s a run or a walk, means a commitment to change one’s lifestyle for the better.  I know I can walk long distances.  I wanted to run.  I wanted to push myself.  I needed to outwit the stupid voice in my head always telling me ‘can’t’.

The way to outwit a stupid voice involves music.  I didn’t have my iPod with me.  I did listen to The Hobbit soundtrack and heard Neil Finn’s Song of the Lonely Mountain  play in my head.  A funny choice, I know, but it kept one foot in front of the other, in front of the other, until I got to the moment of that picture.  Too bad I didn’t yell out ‘I’m going on an adventure!’

In a way I am this year.


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