Midweek Geekiness: It’s Actually Wednesday Edition

Oy vey gevalt.

No, I am not Jewish.  The yiddish phrase pretty much summed up discovering two ‘Midweek Geekiness’ posts for the new year happened yesterday.  Yesterday was not midweek. At least a few items cropped up for my nerdy pleasure.  Let’s start with a reminder of what Thorin Oakenshield looks like without the wig and movie make up:

From richardarmitagenet.com

In a word…in a word…in a…can’t talk drooling.  *Currently thinks warm thoughts*  The Hobbit retook the number one position at the box office from Les Miserables.  It’s a little bit of an irony as the man above gets ink about how much he looks like Hugh Jackman.  My favourite quote is as follows:

A lanky, handsome guy whose looks recall a wiler, more aerodynamic Hugh Jackman

‘Aerodymanic’ now that’s a new one.  It makes me think of a wind tunnel test.  I prefer ‘sleek’, like a cat, and the man is a Leo.

Yes, that Hobbit review is still coming.


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