Tuning Into a Frequency

I get the Daily Post from WordPress  in my e-mail to catch up on tips for better writing.  One of the best tips, the most simple, yet the most difficult is frequency.  I looked at the two badges for 2013 (Post Everyday and Post Every Week) trying to make up my mind what’s more realistic.  I already post every week.  Every day?  In the end I decided on neither.  I don’t need another challenge month.  I like goals.  They are flexible. portable, and allow for better foundations to achieve them.

Back to frequency, after all the prompts and challenges it really comes down to simply doing it (mostly) every day.  I have to remember this is my sand box.  I really want to write fiction.  By writing more and more I can get over the fear quicker.  Putting a badge on will put more pressure on myself rather than foster a healthy drive.  I don’t fear hard work.  As for failure I did that a number of times to know it doesn’t hurt as much.  The secret is getting back up.


Photo Credit:  livelifehappy.com
Photo Credit: livelifehappy.com



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