Post-Run Coffee Thoughts

I had a great run this morning with my clinic participants.  Tomorrow will mark the last day of my Learn to Run/5K clinic, with most of those individuals from the former moving up to the latter.

Regarding my archer entry from yesterday I forgot to add Robin Hood.  How can I talk about archery with mention that character and his many incarnations.  I have seen Robin Hood:  Prince of Thieves a few times despite Kevin Costner’s lack of a British accent.  Who cares if Alan Rickman plays the Sheriff of Nottingham to such delicious effect. It’s not the first time the baddie steals the thunder from the good guy.

The BBC did three seasons of its Robin Hood with a younger and sexier merry men.  Before we saw Viserys in Game of Thrones, Harry Lloyd played the ingenious and sweet Will Scarlet.  What set this show a part most of all involved something completely different.  In any Robin/Maid Marian incarnation, the viewers route for the couple to get together.  Robin shoots his arrows, causes some trouble, gives to poor after robbing from the rich, and this Marian kicked some ass of her own.

Perfect couple.

Erm…not quite.

Somebody had the bright idea to cast the actor (Richard Armitage) melting down the BBC message boards as Sir Guy of Gisborne.  This was pre-Thorin as we see below while practising archery his role in Robin Hood:

RA Archery PracticeWhen my friend V first told me about the series, and said the following, “Richard Armitage is hot,” I had no clue about the series or the actor.  Now I have plenty of both, enough to really notice a lack of chemistry between Robin and Marian, but plenty between-gasp-Marian and Guy.

People actually rooted for these two.  It was the classic case of he’s-not-bad-just-misunderstood syndrome.  We saw it with the Twihards…except the Brit pictured above can at least act. I say it’s the leather coat.

I think I have a hot-guy-in-a-long coat problem.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

RA Gisbourne Photo

Exhibit C


Is there a support group for this problem?  Most fan-girl bloggers usual say at this point they need a shower.  In my case I ACTUALLY need one.  I just ran 4 K and not exactly smelling like roses.

Before my hormones hijacked my blog post, I sought out a reliable grammar site for reference.  Many people don’t know English is not my first language.  While writing does require work, how English structures itself sounded alien until University came along.  Tenses?  Semi-colons?  Comma Splices?  I simply wrote.  In itself it’s a good thing, but suddenly I found myself falling flat on my metaphorical face in essays.  High school took me only so far, University had to raise my game so to speak.

I found a good site called Grammarly.  It’s like a paperless hand book with all sorts of links to punctuation plus paper-writing basics.  Sometimes I read a blog post and wince.  People will think I’m stupid, whispers my first thought.  I remind myself this blog is my sand box.  The whole point is to unblock years of writer’s shame.

While University raised my game so to speak, it froze my instincts to simply write.  My brain couldn’t think, writing words just felt…hard. The last few years involved a process of unlearning.  Thank heavens for blogs.  I finally have a way to be heard, to be read, and see others do the same.  I am not a capital W writer, but give me some time.  I will supply the patience.

Now about that shower….

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