Late Midweek Geekiness: Here Comes The Sun

We sprang forward this past weekend.  While I feel a little off sorts, it means leaving work while the sun still shines.  Glorious!  I got home, poured a little wine, and sat down to supper.  I watched the latest episode of Vikings, History Channel’s latest scripted offering.  I wrote about the show last week, but it currently sits on the fence with me.  While I don’t expect constant violence and mayhem, I didn’t expect next to nothing happening.

I get the picture Rothgar has progressive ideas of raiding, while his Earl (played by Gabriel Byrne no longer seeing clients in HBO’s In Treatment) has more conservative ideas.  A conservative viking?  Never thought I would write those words.  Rothgar did manage to take his new ship, a crew, and sailed to Northumbria for easy pickings.  Their very first haul came from a monastery.  Rollo liked the gold, but expressed his displeasure over no women.  It’s clear from this, and the way he treated a slave girl in one scene, he’s more on the rape side of ‘rape and pillage’. Yikes!

I have to hand it to the show regarding to its violent scenes.  It gives just enough to know these guys mean business, but pulls away from the really horrid bits to not overkill it.  Remember the Sopranos?  They seem like nice guys to have a drink with until they want something from you.

Then you run like hell.

Speaking of Running

I found the following from a share on Facebook from someone living in Ottawa.  I think it came  their local Running Room Facebook page:

Ryan Gosling Running Photo

The source of the photo itself comes from a Tumblr called Fresh, Clean, Fit!  While the Tumblr itself has too many pictures and not enough thoughtful commentary, a fact showing my age more than anything else, the TV/Movie inspired running motivation pictures get a thumbs up. One of my favourites:

This one.

Photo Credit: Fresh, Clean, Fit!

Well smarty pants, comes the chorus of shocked Gosling fans still smarting after his Sexist Man Alive Loss to Bradley Cooper, who do you want waiting at the finish line.  Hmm…much to choose from, but I went with Richard Armitage with promise of a massage. I would save Jeremy Renner for a post-run stretch since he’s so good at it. Others offered their own thoughts regarding finish-line motivation:

  • Gerard Butler with a slurpee 
  • Johnny Depp with a beer and a cheeseburger

In two weeks time I will run the Trek for Tourette’s.  I hope to shave a little from my time from the Resolution Run.  If I don’t it’s not big deal.  I really want a little shave off my hips, stomach, and some shape for the bodacious bumper.

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