All Lit (Fest) Up

Other than writing about National Poetry Month and mourning a fictional character’s death (R.I.P. Andrea), I did one major thing causing an anticipatory tingle.  No Richard Armitage or Nathan Fillion did not show up at my door.  (Although that would be so nice.)  Staying in the realm of the fantastic, the major thing will happen on April 20 and 21:

I will attend the Central Canada Lit Fest!

Why?  Do I need a reason?  Right, I want to write and get better at it.  (Now there’s a reason.)  I also get to meet new people, score a Kelly Armstrong autograph for my friend V, and pick up tips galore.  I feel excited and more than a little scared.  Blogging is one thing I enjoy, but making the foray into writing, like seeing if I can write an actual book?  I have so many butterflies one can hear the butting of their metaphorical heads.  Regret trumps fear.  I don’t want to live in regret.  Let’s start with this conference.





3 thoughts on “All Lit (Fest) Up

  1. I’ll see you there, too! I think I’ll be more scared than you, if anyone shows up to my panels. I’m afraid I won’t be able to think of anything witty to say! 🙂


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